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Notice for first meeting on 4/20

Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings: 

  • 1st: April 20th, 7pm - continued to...

  • 2nd: May 2nd, 7pm - continued to...

  • 3rd: May 16 at 7pm - decision made.

Agenda for the second meeting on 5/2

[May 16] - ZBA board discussed for almost two hours and decided to support our appeal.  Thank you to everyone who showed up, donated and helped in any way.

[May 3] - We ran out of time during the May 2nd meeting so the issue was continued for a second time to May 16th at 7pm.  ‚ÄčAt this meeting, both sides finished their presentation and the chairman of the ZBA closed the "public discovery" phase of the hearing.

[April 21] - We ran out of time during the April 20th meeting so the issue was continued until May 2nd at 7pm.  At the meeting both sides began presenting their cases, but it was clear that we wouldn't have enough time to hear everyone so the meeting was continued.