Rod & Gun Club


The following is a copy of our bylaws, If you disagree or want to add anything to this please come to the next meeting and give us your input. 

Article 1 Purpose

To restore and conserve wildlife and seek to procure better hunting and fishing for sportsman and sportswoman and promote and maintain friendly relations with landowners.

Article 2 Membership

Section- 1
The members of this WESTMINSTER ROD AND GUN CLUB shall consist of the persons presently named as members and such other persons as from time to time hereafter may become members in the manner provided by the bylaws. The voting power and property rights and interest of all members shall be equal. Each member shall be entitled to one vote on any and all questions coming before the members at any meeting. The board of directors does have extended authority.

Section- 2
Any law abiding citizen of the U.S.A. and of suitable character and interest, after his application has been signed by an active member as his or her sponsor, may be voted into membership by a majority of members attending the meeting. A membership can be terminated in the same manner at any time with a majority vote at any meeting or by a unanimous vote by the board of directors. The membership shall be limited to two-hundred members.

Section- 3
Active members are all persons presently listed as of 2019 and those elected by a majority vote and have their dues paid in full.

Section -4
A member shall become an honorary life member after being a paid member for ten consecutive years. A majority vote at any meeting can grant a lifetime honorary status to any member who has been an exceptional member and paid dues for at least five consecutive years and is at least sixty five years old. Anyone with an honorary life member status is not required to pay dues but must still pay for his or her gate key.

The yearly dues will be set on the previous year and can be changed by a majority vote and must be posted on the membership application.

Article 3 Meetings

Meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the club house. There must be a quorum that will consist of at least 10% of active members in order to vote and move on any business issues and shall not be valid unless presided over by an officer or director.

The annual meeting shall be held on the second Wednesday of January following the regular meeting.  Election of officers and directors shall be held at the annual meeting. Nominations for officers and committees should be made in writing and can be made anytime during the year this includes volunteering for a position but must be made before the annual meeting is called to order. All nominees voted into any position must agree and be willing to hold that position.

The following order of business shall be observed at all meetings of members as protocol.
A-Call meeting to order
B-Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
C- Reading of treasures report
D- Reports from the board of directors
E-Reports of all committees
F- New Business
G-Old Business
H-Adjourn Meeting
I-Drawing of the attendance prize

The board of directors are to meet one hour before the regular monthly meeting. A special meeting of the board of directors can be called by giving three days notice by the president or any two directors. A majority of directors shall constitute a quorum a vote by an absent director is valid if witnessed by two or more directors.

Article 4 Officers

To qualify to be elected in any officer or directors position you must have been an active member for at least three consecutive years. There will be no salary paid to any officer or director positions.  The board of directors shall consist of not less than five members.  The board of directors shall serve the following terms; two members for two years and three members for one year. Each year one member of the five directors shall be appointed by the remaining four to be the chairman whose duty is to oversee the board of directors meeting and report their recommendations to the club members at the monthly meetings. The board of directors has the authority to make changes to the club house, shooting range, and overall premises that they deem a safety or aesthetic necessity without a member vote. The board of directors have the right to revoke a member’s membership with a unanimous vote for what they deem just cause or reason. The board of directors must make the cause or reason known to the members. The board of directors shall make such rules and regulations as governing admission to membership as to them may seem desirable or necessary. The board of directors is to review and keep updating all action items and present to the members at the meetings their opinion of how best to precede keeping the club finances in mind. Vacancies in any officers or directors position due to any reason are to be filled by the board of directors appointing any willing member in good standing until the next annual meeting and election

The president shall be elected by a majority of active members present at the annual meeting. The president is authorized to sign checks for payment of routine expenditures. The president shall be the presiding officer at all membership meetings and he or she shall enforce all rules and regulations of the club.

The vice president shall be elected by a majority vote of active members present at the annual meeting. The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in his absence. If the president’s position becomes vacant for any reason the vice president will fill the position until the following annual meeting.

The secretary shall keep a record of the minutes of the meetings of the members and directors. The secretary shall give notice to all members and keep all members informed through written form in any publication that is offered to the members. The secretary is responsible with keeping all records and making these records available to any future secretary. 

The treasurer shall keep written accounts of all money and any valuables of the Westminster Rod and Gun Club Inc. received or disbursed and shall deposit all money and valuables in the name of and to the credit of the organization in such banks and depositories as the board of directors or members shall designate. The treasurer is authorized to sign checks for routine expenditures. Expenditures other then routine must be authorized by members at a regular or special meeting. The treasurer must report all transactions to the members at the monthly meetings. The treasurer must keep all records such as titles and deeds in a safe environment or in a bank safety deposit box. All records and paper work written records must be passed to any newly elected treasurer.

Article 5
The corporate goal shall be as authorized by the active membership.

Article 6
Any of these by-laws may be amended by two thirds vote of the members present at any annual or regular meeting called for the purpose. The board of directors may adopt additional by-laws in harmony therewith but shall not alter or repeal any by-laws adopted by the members without a majority vote of members present at a meeting.

Article 7
At least three members should be chosen to audit the treasurer’s books before the annual meeting each year. 

175 Knower Road P.O. Box 465                                   
Westminster MA. 01473

Incorporated June 30, 1952

Bylaws voted to become effective January 1, 2013