Rod & Gun Club

Westminster Rod and Gun Club Range Rules 2019

This is a listing of the major rules and concerns while using the range.  You should always use common sense with handling firearms.

  • It is a member’s responsibility to be properly licensed for any firearm in their possession.
  • As a member it is your responsibility to see that your guest follows the rules.
  • It is required that you and your guest sign in and out of the range book that is located on the post near the target box.
  • You must obey all warning signs. 
  • Please be considerate of our neighbors.  Do not make any unnecessary noise at unreasonable hours.
  • It is never safe to shoot any firearm into the air.  This includes shotguns.
  • ​Do not shoot targets on the ground, all targets must be elevated 24" to ensure safety.
  • It is against club rules to trap or skeet shoot.
  • When shooting with two or more participants; someone must be appointed as the range officer and use the commands listed below.  In an organized shoot the range master will use these same commands.
    • Mandatory eye & ear protection.
    • Load your weapons.
    • Weapons on the table.
    • Ready on the left.
    • Ready on the right.
    • FIRE.
    • Cease fire.
    • Clear your weapons.
    • Line is safe.
    • Keep firearm action open.
  • No one is to be holding or handling any weapon while anyone is down range.
  • There is to be no alcohol or illegal drug use before or during using the firing range.
  • No one is to shoot at the telephone poles that mark the impact zone.  You cannot hang targets on the poles.
  • Use only proper targeting materials.
  • No shooting at glass bottles or appliances of any kind

These rules were voted into effect by the members on October 9, 2011