Rod & Gun Club

These updated rules are effective immediately (5/19/2020) and are in place for the entire duration of the Covid19 crisis.  These rules are in addition to the pre-existing range rules.  Failure to adhere to any rules is a serious violation, and may result in your membership being revoked.‚Äč

 1) The range is open to members only.  You are allowed to bring one person from your immediate household as a guest, nobody else.
 2) Shooting groups are allowed to only have 2 people in them.
 3) Everyone on the range facility must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.
 4) Everyone must practice social distancing of at least 6 feet of separation.
 5) All trash including used masks and gloves and targets must be removed from the range when you are done.
 6) If you have any additional questions email the club.  wragcinfo@gmail.com
 7) We need to be aware of the state guidelines specifying no gatherings to exceed 10 people.  If the range is busy, and you would like to wait, please stay in your car or another distant area of the club (like front yard etc) until it's your turn.
 8) Be courteous, If 2 groups have been there for awhile and a 3rd group shows up please let them get in some range time as we all have been waiting to get out.
 9) The lock and logbook are common points of contact for everyone so remember to bring and use hand sanitizer/gloves.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy