Thank you Comm2A, your generous

support is most appreciated!

July 12, 2018

Westminster Rod & Gun Club would like to sincerely thank the good people at Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) for their generous donation. The club will use this money to pay off the balance of our legal expenses incurred during 2017 while we were appealing our status with the Town of Westminster Building and Zoning department. Due to Comm2A's generosity, our club is able to keep and use our resources to sponsor both club and community activities that benefit everyone.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about Comm2A. Consider joining or donating and help them assist legal firearms owners in Massachusetts.

Thank you, 
Avery Fay Newton
President, Westminster Rod & Gun Club

Comm2A's Mission - Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) is a grassroots civil rights organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our activities include educational programs designed to promote a better understanding of Massachusetts and Federal firearms laws and rights as well as programs to defend and protect the civil rights of Massachusetts gun owners.

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