• We will follow all state guidelines.
  • Plan to stay outside, no one will be allowed inside the club house unless it's an emergency.
  • Please bring exact change for the event.  $10
  • Please maintain proper social distance at the stations.
  • ​Please wash hands with your own sanitizer.
  • People who fail to cooperate will be asked to leave.


  • Open to the public, all shooters are welcome.
  • RANGE RULES strictly enforced!
  • Shoot all day for $10.00.
  • We request good sportsmanship.
  • Ear and eye protection: REQUIRED.
  • Shoots start at 10:00 AM.
  • NO MAGNUM LOADS ON STEEL PLATES (except 22 mags).
  • Unless noted otherwise, events are Pistol only.

Questions?  Call Fay Newton (978) 407-1262


Rod & Gun Club

   April 10 Steel Plates
   May 8 Real Pins
   May 29 Real Pins
   June 12 Pin Tops
   July 10 Real Pins
   July 31 Pin Tops
   August 14 Pin Tops
   September 11 Real Pins
   October 9 Steel Plates
   October 30 Steel Plates (weather pending)
   November 27 Bob Mason Slug Shoot
   December 11 Black Powder Shoot

More Details:

  • Steel plates, real pin & pin-top shoots are set up as head to head races.  Only 2 shooters allowed at once, controlled by Range Safety Officer.
  • Targets are placed 21 feet from shooters.
  • Start from "Low Ready" position, when officer says "Fire" - first shooter to knock down all targets wins the heat.
  • If you run out of ammo, you can reload. Most people bring multiple mags / speedloaders / moon clips.  Allowed to load 6 rounds each time so that semi's and revolvers are equal.
  • Winner moves on, loser goes to another bracket.
  • Steel Plates - Four, 4 inch steel plates arranged on a rack, first shooter to knock them all down wins.  Most any caliber allowed, but no magnum unless it's .22mag.  Most popular calibers are  9mm, .38 and .45.
  • Real Pins ​ - Four full size "ten-pin" bowling pins are arranged on a table.  First shooter to knock them completely off the table wins.  There are no caliber restrictions, however if you bring something powerful like a magnum, you will be asked to save it for the end of the day because pins won't be reusable.  Most popular caliber is .45.
  • Pin Tops ​- We cut the top of the ten-pins off and put 10 of them on a table similar to how they are arranged at a bowling alley.  First shooter to knock all ten off the table wins.  Restricted to .22 caliber (magnum ok).
  • Military Rifles - 1958 or prior military issue semi/bolt, iron sights only. 15$ entry fee. Participants will need a minimum of 40 rounds and may want extra in case a tie breaker is needed. We will be shooting from 4 different distances and positions.  Bring a shooting mat if you have one. Registration will start at 8:30am and we will plan to start for 9am and will run till noon or so. This contest is limited to 20 participants, if you are interested (or have questions) send an email to with your name and we will send a confirmation that you are in.
  • Bob Mason Memorial Slug Shoot - Held every year the first Sunday after Thanksgiving to honor long time club member Bob Mason.  Shotguns, shooting standard ring style paper targets at 50 yards.
  • Annual Black Powder Shoot - Held every year on the day before black powder season starts, this event gives you an opportunity for a little practice to get ready for the hunting season.  No requirements other than black powder rifles.