Rod & Gun Club

Summer 2017 Schedule

  • Sunday April 30th, Steel Plates
  • Sunday May 14th, Real Pins
  • Sunday June 11th, Pin Tops
  • ​Sunday July 9th, Real Pins
  • ​Saturday July 29th, Steel Plates​​

  • ​Sunday August 13th, Pin Tops
  • ​Sunday September 10th, Real Pins
  • ​Saturday October 7th, Real Pins
  • ​Sunday October 29th, Steel Plates


  • Open to the public, all shooters are welcome.
  • RANGE RULES strictly enforced!
  • Shoot all day for $10.00.
  • We request good sportsmanship.
  • Ear and eye protection: REQUIRED.
  • Shoots start at 10:00 AM.
  • NO MAGNUM LOADS ON STEEL PLATES (except 22 mags).
  • Unless noted otherwise, events are Pistol only.

Questions?  Call Fay Newton (978) 407-1262

More Details:

  • All shoots are set up as head to head races.  Only 2 shooters allowed at once, controlled by Range Safety Officer.
  • Targets are placed 21 feet from shooters.
  • Start from "Low Ready" position, when officer says "Fire" - first shooter to knock down all targets wins the heat.
  • If you run out of ammo, you can reload. Most people bring multiple mags / speedloaders / moon clips.
  • Winner moves on, loser goes to another bracket.
  • Steel Plates - Four, 4 inch steel plates arranged on a rack, first shooter to knock them all down wins.  Most any caliber allowed, but no magnum unless it's .22mag.  Most popular calibers are  9mm, .38 and .45.
  • Real Pins ​ - Four full size "ten-pin" bowling pins are arranged on a table.  First shooter to knock them completely off the table wins.  There are no caliber restrictions, however if you something powerful like a magnum, you will be asked to save it for the end of the day because pins won't be reusable.  Most popular caliber is .45.
  • Pin Tops ​- We cut the top of the ten-pins off and put 10 of them on a table similar to how they are arranged at a bowling alley.  First shooter to knock all ten off the table wins.  Restricted to .22 caliber (magnum ok).